Launch Team Playlist

Every Sunday night we have a Launch Team meeting. Thought I’d share a few things about those meetings this week, just in case anyone’s interested. So one thing you may know about me is that I’m a bit weird. And I actually created a playlist that has become the weekly sound track for our Launch Team meetings. (Though I’m not sure if anyone on the team has noticed.) Here’s the playlist in it’s current form:

  1. Dig In 3:39 Lenny Kravitz
  2. Amateur Lovers 4:36 Switchfoot
  3. Change the World (Lost Ones) 4:00 Anberlin
  4. Take Back the City 4:38 Snow Patrol
  5. God of This City 5:06 Chris Tomlin
  6. Turn This Town Around 4:16 Revolution Worship
  7. Let Us Love 3:42 Needtobreathe
  8. One Name 5:31 Aaron Pelsue Band
  9. Heroes 3:40 David Bowie
  10. Freedom Fighter 2:36 Creed
  11. Shine 5:08 Collective Soul
  12. Life Less Ordinary 3:37 Carbon Leaf
  13. The Outsiders 4:29 Needtobreathe
  14. How Far We`ve Come 3:30 Matchbox Twenty
  15. Set It Off 4:16 P.O.D.
  16. Lose Yourself 5:22 Eminem
  17. Are You Ready? 4:45 Creed
  18. Cross the Line 2:42 Superchick
  19. My Hero 4:22 Foo Fighters