Yesterday I mentioned that we’ve already had people leave our Launch Team, and I realized that may make some of you wonder why. So here’s the skinny…

** Two people decided to move back to where they moved from. Neither were for bad reasons, in fact both were for good reasons.

** One person left, I’m pretty sure, because the commitment level was just too high. This person was used to not serving, and didn’t want to start.

** One family left because they felt like we weren’t doing enough. They were impatient and wanted us to get things started and to get out and start doing evangelism.

** One family left because they couldn’t buy into our vision. They felt, I think, like we weren’t focused enough on Christians.

So, if you were wondering, there you go.

And, as I said yesterday, the cool thing is that God is replacing these people with new people. He’s in charge, and so everything is and will be cool.