New Songs, Please!

Ever heard a song so much it started to drive you crazy? Like it came on the radio for the 800th time and you were like, “Holy crap! If I have to hear Achy Breaky Heart one more time I will go down and drive a pick ax through a D.J.’s head!” Or maybe, “You know what One Republic? It’s too late for you to apologize for the fact that I’ve heard this so many times I’ve lost my will to live!!”

So here’s what I wonder from today’s reading. In Psalm 95 we are told to sing to God. And in Psalm 96, God makes a personal request, that we sing Him a NEW song. So … do you think it’s possible that, as beautiful or inspiring as they are, God might be totally sick of hearing some of the songs that have been sung in thousands of churches millions of times? Do you think maybe on some Sunday mornings He’s like, “Yes, yes, I know my faithfulness is great unto you, but do you have to sing it to me every Sunday? ‘Cause I’m about to lose it here!” Or maybe, “Can you worship something else other than my majesty, my kingdom authority? Because I have heard this so many times I’m thinking about coming down there and breaking your guitar in half! It will not be pretty!! And you best not switch to ‘Shout To The Lord’ or I swear I will blow a gasket!”

If you’re upset with me for saying that, you don’t have to write any scathing comments, instead, maybe take the time to write a new song to sing to God! Because seriously folks, He’s about to lose it up there!