Pantofucci at Face Joint?!?

Tomorrow I’ll be preaching at both services of Gracepoint Church in North Vegas. Their pastor, Devin Hudson, has become a friend of mine and is out of town on a mission trip, so he asked me to fill in.

Just about every time a church asks me to preach they tell me I can speak on whatever I want. Devin was not so kind. They just started a series on David, and I was assigned David vs. Goliath. I had never heard of or read that story, but upon looking it up, found it kind of interesting.

So if you’re in Vegas and want to come to Gracepoint tomorrow, here’s some things I can promise: (1) A Michael Buffer impersonation, (2) A Howard Cosell impersonation, (3) Some “Yo mama’s…” (4) And, overall, the best message preached in the history of Las Vegas (by a guy who’s name rhymes with Pantofucci) (at a church that rhymes with Face Joint).