Pick Up Lines

Question: How many ladies do you know who are fans of pick-up lines? Like some complete stranger comes over, walks up, drops a pre-thought-up line he’s just been waiting to use on some vulnerable girl, and hopes that he’ll get her number or, better yet, be having sex with her in an hour or two. I think the answer is: Very, very few ladies are impressed by or want that. In fact, the vast majority would be totally turned off by it. Right? It’s like: If you’re interested in me (not just any breathing thing with boobs, but me) then come up and talk to me, for real, and let me get to know you, and try to begin establishing a relationship with me, so I can see if I want it to go further.

Sooooo … since moving to Vegas, I have heard of more people who give out and use tracts than I have in 18 years. And I totally believe that the motivation is right. And I prefer the way they’re sharing their faith to the way most Christians are NOT sharing theirs’. However, there are much, much better ways to share your faith.

Because (and I really don’t want to offend anyone with this) when you give out a tract, isn’t it a whole lot like using a pick-up line? You’re a complete stranger, you’ve been just waiting to use this pre-thought-up thing, and you hope this person will make a life-changing decision on the spot. And you don’t show who you are (so why the crap should I listen to you?). And I think very few people are impressed by that. In fact, I think most are turned off by it.

So, my advice: Don’t stop sharing your faith, just do it from your heart not a script, and with some vulnerability and, preferably, with people you’ve begun to establish a relationship with.