Poland In The House!

I am psyched about today. At Verve, we are going to be a church that helps other churches get started. Our dream is to help plant churches on the most sinful streets in the world. To find the kind of places where Jesus would go, but Christians have forsaken, and to bring the love of God to the people who work on and live around that street.

So today and tomorrow we have a guy named Rafal in town from Poland. Rafal is super sharp, and started a church in Poland about a year ago. Well, now he and the organization he’s with are looking to start a church in the city of Lodz (pronounced Wooj). People have nicknamed it “Hollywooj” because it’s where the Polish film industry is located. Poland is a very conservative city, but this is the most Vegas like city in the country. And the main street is full of bars and clubs (I went into one last year when I was in Poland and the walls are COVERED with pictures of naked people), and was the site of the only gay pride parade in the history of Poland.

So, Rafal is coming to see how Verve could be involved in the church plant, and to talk about the possibility of having their church planter do an internship with us.