Strange Encounter, Part Two

So I started sharing the story yesterday of meeting Penn’s wife last week. I shared a very brief version of my story with her. I told her that I’ve checked out her husband’s blog, and respected him in that I think most people don’t think through what they believe, whereas he seems to really spend time thinking about and through his atheistic beliefs. I asked her if he had ever looked at the evidence for God and Christianity. She said there’s no evidence to look at, but then said, “Well, obviously you think there is.” I smiled and said yes.

So here’s where it got more interesting. She was talking about how committed her husband is to his atheistism, and said how they wished Christians were as committed to what they believe. She said if that was the case, they could at least respect them. Then she said, “But you’ve got these Christians who think they can f**k anyone they want during the week, then go to church on Sunday morning and act holy. It makes me sick.” Then she started talking about Christians who say they believe in Jesus, but don’t tell other people about Him. She said if you believe that, you need to be out telling everyone.

Isn’t that interesting? What would allow her to tolerate, and maybe even respect, Christians is if we lived holy lives and shared our faith. Kind of convicting, huh?