THAT Kind of Faith

I know and completely believe in the supernatural power of God. But I am also the ultimate realist, and you can throw into that a good dose of cynicism. So, typically, when I pray for something I KNOW God can do it, but I’m also doing spiritual math in my head, “Well, maybe this isn’t God’s will. And I might be asking with wrong motives, the Bible says God doesn’t answer prayers like that. And what if this just isn’t God’s timing? And you know, there might be someone else praying for just the opposite, and God can’t answer both our prayers.”

And all of that can have an air of maturity about it, but I think really it’s probably just a lack of faith. Maybe that’s why I love this dude in today’s reading (Matthew 8) who amazes Jesus with his faith. Reading it, it almost seems like for a second he takes Jesus’ breath away. And Jesus is like, “Yes! This is what I’ve been looking for!!”

I want to be like that guy. I don’t want my faith to be cynical, or even realistic. I want to have big, crazy, audacious, overcoming, over the top faith that amazes Jesus.