The Big Mo

Ever watched a sporting event and the announcer starts talking about the big mo? Meaning that one of the teams is starting to pick up momentum. Maybe they were behind for most of the game, but things are shifting and you can feel that things are starting to click for them and that they are going to end up winning the game.

Well, I think we’re starting to get the big mo here in Vegas. We intentionally chose to live in Vegas for a year before the official “grand opening” launch of our church. We wanted to live and serve here and become a part of the community instead of coming in and kind of immediately jamming a church into the culture.

That means we chose a slow process. We’ve been here for seven months, and have another six before we publicly open on February 21. But … I think we are really picking up steam. We are adding new people to our Launch Team, without trying. Several locals have joined us, including people with virtually no church experience. I’m meeting with another person who wants to jump in today. We’re also making all kinds of cool connections, have some great ideas for the Fall and Winter on how to add more people and create a buzz in the community.

This is getting exciting. I can feel the mo.