The Proof is Actions

When I was in Law School I had a verse from today’s reading (Matthew 11) posted on the inside of my locker door:

“Wisdom is proved right by her actions.”

It’s like, “Yes, what we know is important,” and, for Christians, “Yes, what we believe is important,” BUT if your life isn’t marked by it, if your life doesn’t match up, if it doesn’t make you a better person and the world a better place, then either (a) you have the wrong wisdom and beliefs, or (b) your wisdom and beliefs are pretty worthless. Because a person who has the right wisdom and beliefs will see those translated into how they live their lives.

It’s interesting that even Jesus held Himself to this. When, earlier in the chapter, He’s asked if He’s really “the one,” the proof He gives is not the wisdom and beliefs He is teaching, but rather the actions He’s been taking and the impact they’re having on the world.

In fact, when Jesus teaches about Judgment Day, though we don’t get into Heaven because of our good works, still it’s our actions and their impact on people that Jesus talks about. Why? Because you can’t separate what a person believes from how he lives his life. Right wisdom and beliefs ALWAYS translates into how we live our lives.

I’m praying we lead Verve in such a way that we’re a church where wisdom is proved right by her actions.