The Week In Brief(s) (8/16/09)

Every Sunday I’m sharing a recap on some of what happened that week. It will be quick (in brief) and I’ll write in my underwear (in briefs). Here ya go:

1. Spoke at Gracepoint Church in North Vegas, and some of the Verve guys led worship.

2. Worked like crazy on creating a “Verve Journal.” It’s something we’ll provide to the people of Verve that has a Bible reading plan for the year, and a structure for reading the Bible and praying, and verses to memorize, and accountability questions.

3. Had a cool Launch Team Meeting, where we brainstormed like mad men and women about ways to add people to our Launch Team and create buzz going into our Grand Opening next year.

4. Worked on my message for next Sunday at The Refinery in Phoenix.

5. We came up with a phenomenal idea for what we’re going to do to replace our Preview Services. It’s gonna be fun.

6. Spent the day with Dave Miller from “Church Solutions Group” looking at potential leasing and rental spaces. Dave was helping us to get an idea of how much it would cost for build out and equipment.

7. I think getting a lease space (a 24/7 space of our own) is a real possibility! You have no idea how BIG that is. Not because of the traditional church planter’s wanting a sense of permanence and and respectability (I don’t!) but because of the unique factors in ministering to the Strip. We’ll be able to do multiple service times, support groups, seminars… HUGE!

8. To make this happen, we’re going to need to raise more money. But if we can, it will be SO worth it!

9. I totally re-worked our entire 5 year budget to have a version that shows what it would look like financially to be in the leased space. Took me about 5 straight hours! I thought my eyes were going to fall out of my head from starting at numbers on my computer screen for so long!

10. We chose and purchased “Church Community Builder” for our database software.

11. Continuing to work on getting more Mission Teams to come out this Fall (third weeks of September, October, and November) and in late January through early April. Want to bring out a team to Vegas to help us??!??

12. Got to share my testimony with someone very interesting. I’ll tell you the story tomorrow.

13. More stuff that I can’t even remember at this point!


1. Please pray that we’ll be able to get the lease space we’re looking at. It’s 16,000 square feet, faces the main highway of Las Vegas, is just off the Strip – and look right at the Strip, and would allow the vision that’s been forming for what this church needs to look like to become a reality. But for it to happen we’ll need some extra money – for all the costs of getting into it.

2. So please pray that God provides that extra money we’ll need. (Maybe He wants to do it through you? Or your church? Or someone you know?)

3. Please pray that we get a few more Mission Teams this Fall, to pull off this new idea we have, and that the idea will be a success in adding some new people to our Launch Team.