I think vicissitudes is the right word. (And I wanted to show off that I know a big word.) (And it’s a fun word, try saying it five times fast.) Vicissitudes means like changing, alternating, bouncing back and forth, up and down. And, if that’s what it means, it definitely describes starting a church.

Like, for instance. Last week I had a church let me know that they would be supporting us financially. It came as a real shock to me and was awesome. I also had another church let me know that, because of the economy, they probably wouldn’t be able to support us financially as much as they had hoped, and as we are planning on. (Can you say vicissitudes?) (Can you say it five times fast?)

And we had a family drop out of Launch Team. Not the first. We’ve now lost, I think, six adults. (And that’s no surprise to me at all. When we planted the church in Virginia Beach we started with a Launch Team of about 89 non-Christians, and lost no one. This time we have mostly Christians (some who have moved here for this, some we have gained here) and already lost six of them.) BUT last week we also added a new family. (Can you say vicissitudes?) (Can you say it five times fast?)

Craziness. In fact, forget Verve, we should have named the church, Vicissitude. (But would anyone have shown up?)