Want a Funny Vince Story?

So right now I’m out on bail. No I’m serious. I’m out on bail.

A couple months ago I got a ticket for going right on red. Back in Virginia Beach, you can always go right on red, so I didn’t realize it was illegal. So last month I showed up for court date … and was told I could not enter the courtroom because I was … wearing shorts. (Who knew?)

I talked to the clerk of the court who told me I could come back for the afternoon session for court, but I informed her I could not because I had a meeting already scheduled. She said, “You HAVE to show up for your trial TODAY, this morning or this afternoon.” I said, “If you won’t let me in wearing shorts right now, I really can’t.”

I asked if I could reschedule for another day. She said yes, but, I would have to be arrested for missing court on that day. I asked, “Am I going to jail?” She explained that she could, technically, arrest me right there, and then I could immediately pay my bail, and walk out, and I would get my bail money returned if I showed up at my next court date. So I did it.

And today is my next court date, so let’s pray I show up! And I wouldn’t mind if the Judge let’s me out of my ticket either….