Because of Separation, You Can’t Separate

I think passages like Acts 2:42-47 show that you cannot separate community (or fellowship) from evangelism (sharing Jesus with people who don’t know Him). Those verses give a beautiful description of people living in community, but the last verse says, “and the Lord added to their number daily” revealing that “outreach” was part of their “fellowship.”

Today’s reading (Psalm 105) shows that you cannot separate worship (or praising God, often through singing) from evangelism. The first few verses open with commands to thank God, call on His Name, sing to Him and glory in His Name, but they are interspersed (and connected to) commands to make Him known and tell of what He’s done.

The deal is that we are all God’s children, and He is currently separated from a lot of His children, and to a loving Father, that is absolutely unacceptable. It’s intolerable. And so there’s no substitute for helping bring God’s lost children to Him, and there’s nothing you can separate from it. It’s everything.