Block Party Update!!

Yesterday we threw two block parties for neighborhoods within a couple minute drive from the Strip.

For a little context, twelve years ago we threw a big picnic in Virginia Beach for people interested in the new church we were starting. We put about 12 or 13,000 fliers on doors, and 104 people showed up.

This week we did 500 fliers for each block party. And … 60 people showed up for the first one, and 46 for the second. 106 people total. Wow!!!! What was even more stunning was how many were interested in the church. We pitched these a block party for your neighborhood, thrown by some people starting a church together – and if you want to learn about our church you can at the block party. So showing up didn’t necessary mean you were interested. But people were. A bunch asked questions, several signed up to receive more info, almost everyone took cards with our web address on them, and we had a bunch of great conversations. At least one family said they didn’t need more info, they were coming to our next meeting for sure.

Our team, led by Shaula Overholt, did a super fantastic job with everything – for 8 1/2 hours in 101 heat. I am so proud of them.

And it was also very cool to bring a little community to a city that desperately needs it. Vegas has been called “the least neighborly city in the United States” and I think it’s true. But today we brought some much needed neighborliness. Yeah us. And yeah God.