By Faith, Your Name Here

Today’s reading (Hebrews 11) is a famous chapter where we read about God’s Hall of Fame, or Hall of Faith. The people from the Old Testament times who became heroes in God’s eyes because of the actions they took because of their faith in Him. We’re specifically told that what God commends is actions taken out of faith.

There’s a pattern that’s followed repeatedly, where the sentence begins, “By faith…” then gives the person’s name, then says, “when…” and tells us the situation they were in (which helps us understand why it really took faith to act, then we’re told what the person did in faith.

Hopefully we all, because of our love for God, want to be the kind of person He would write about and commend and put in His Hall of Fame. And this chapter makes it abundantly clear HOW that happens. So I’ve given you a fill-in-the-blank sentence below. Personally, I think you should be able to fill it in with (at least) one BIG thing from your past or (very near) future. And, if not, what’s your plan for change? Here it is:

By faith, ____(your name)_______, when _____(your situation)____________,

_________(what you did, or will do)_____________.