Evaluate a Day?

How do you evaluate a day? Tonight, if someone were to ask you, “How was your day?” what would go through you mind in coming to an answer? If you’re anything like me it would be how much work you got done, whether you had some free time to do something you enjoy, if people annoyed you or not, how good was the food you ate.

But I think today’s reading (2 Thessalonians 1) gives us a better gauge: Did I grow in faith? Did I grow in love? That should be the goal of my day, and how I measure it at the end.

And that begs some other questions… Almost everything in this world is going to pull me away from faith and love, and so not only will I not grow in it, but it will slowly, almost imperceptibly shrink every day, unless I do something intentional and strategic to grow it. So what am I doing to make sure I grow in faith and grow in love? What are you doing to make sure you grow in faith and love today?