Forefront Update 2

When I left Forefront, it wasn’t just that the pastor was leaving, it was the founding and only pastor the church had ever had leaving. I talked to a lot of people, who told me that what was “normal” would be for the church to lose about 30% of the people after I left.

What made the situation even worse is that just before I left, our Worship Pastor resigned. It was over issues that had been brewing for years, and had nothing to do with me leaving or the upcoming change in leadership. He had been Forefront’s Worship Pastor since our first Sunday, and the timing of his resigning just before I left was perfectly, impeccably bad. Then it got worse, because he chose to stay in town and started leading worship at another church. Worst possible case scenario.

So, with both those factors, what % of people did Forefront actually lose? I think less than 5%. Why? When I think most experts would have predicted possibly a 50% loss, why so little?

I’ll tell you next time.