Forefront Update 3

So if you’ve been following the little series of posts today (and if not, go back and read them first) you know the question I’m about to answer is: Why did Forefront lose so few people when I (and the Worship Pastor) both left?

Now the answer you’re probably thinking is, “Because, Vince, you’re not that great” and that may be true. And there’s also some truth to the fact that Forefront replaced me from within, so there was no major overhaul in church culture. But here’s what I believe is the main reason:

Forefront doesn’t reach church shoppers. Most churches reach Christians who join because, “This church is better for me than the other options.” So, when that church changes (leadership, programs, whatever) that person will have to decide, “Is this church still the best for my needs” and if it’s not, they’ll bolt.

But if you reach unchurched, non-Christians, church isn’t like picking their favorite restaurant, where a change in ownership or the chef or menu can lead them to lose their allegiance. Church is more like family. It’s what you’ve been born (spiritually) into. You didn’t really choose it in the first place, it’s more like it chose you. And there may end up being things you don’t like, even big changes that don’t suit you well, but where else would you even go?