How I Know I Suck

Yesterday I went to a church (very new, pretty small) and before like the second or third song, the worship leader started talking, to introduce the song, something about God being so big He could create the world, yet so small He’ll live in our hearts, I think.

So I listened, then started to lose interest, then found myself wondering when I could and should get a haircut. Then the song started. Then I started trying to pull myself out of my haircut thoughts to God thoughts.

Then I noticed the woman in front of me, who was crying. She was so touched by what the guy said, by the song, she couldn’t help herself. She kept drying her eyes, trying not to cry. Then I thought, “Wow… Crap… When’s the last time something like this made me cry?” Then I just kept praying, “Jesus, bring me back to You. Bring me back to You. Jesus, bring me back to You.”