So last week we launched this campaign to try and raise the money we need to get into an amazing leasing space right near the Strip. We’re asking 500 people to give $100. We’re asking you to give $100. 500 is a ton of people, so we kind of need everyone to say yes.

So I received an e-mail from a guy I met when I spoke at his church several months ago. He explained that he just declared bankruptcy and had nothing to give. But that he was praying for $100 and was confident that God would provide it, so He could give it to us.

I e-mailed him back and said, “No way dude. You’re not in a place to give. Please pray for us, but don’t worry about giving.” And he said, “Nope, I’m praying that God gives me $100, and there is nothing better I could give it to than this. And I fully expect to be making a $100 contribution this week.”

Crazy! And awesome! And it inspires me. My wife and I have already given $100 each, but maybe I need to give another $100 for each of my kids…. Will you help us make the dream a reality and give $100? You can do so at