Last Night

We are trying to “partner” with some casinos, specifically to find ways to serve their employees. So far the Hard Rock has been the most open. So last night the Hard Rock’s charitable foundation had a “Save The Planet Poker Tournament,” with proceeds going to a local charity. The guy we’ve connected with at the Hard Rock, who heads up Save the Planet foundation, invited me to play, so I thought I should.

Well, I got to talk to him before, during, and after, which was great. But a cool moment came half way through the tournament when they moved some dude from another table to mine, and the guy I know came up and said, “What a coincidence. Vince, this is the Hard Rock’s Head of Human Resources. He’s the guy you need to meet, and who will have to say yes to the things you’re wanting to do.” So we smiled, shook hands, and then … the next hand I busted him out of the tournament! He went all-in with pocket fours, I had King/Queen, with a King on the board. I turned to him and said, “This is really not the way I wanted to meet you!” And he laughed and seemed totally okay with it. … I hope.