Multiple Expressions, Multiple Emotions

On weekends our reading plan has us reading through Psalms and Proverbs. The Psalms are people sharing their hearts to and about God. Typically we read one a day, but today there were four (Psalm 99 & 100 & 101 & 102). And it was kind of cool, because instead of someone who’s heart is in one place as they write, we see all kinds of expressions of people’s hearts towards/about God.

We see praising God for His greatness, as well as telling God, “My life is horrible because of you!” and someone saying, “I’ve been good, so when will You come to me?” and we see thanking God for His goodness, love, and faithfulness, and there’s some “God, why are you ignoring me?!” and then we see someone holding on to the last bit of desperate hope that God is still good and will come through.

Our relationship with God is supposed to be authentic; true not only to who God is, but to who we are and to what we go through in life. Is that what your relationship with God is like? Or is it unemotional, or is it stuck on one emotion because you’ve been taught that that’s the way you’re supposed to relate to God?