We’ve been having “Launch Team Meetings” for about six months now, on Sunday nights, from 5 to 7:30ish. This week that changes. We are multiplying into two meetings, one on Sunday mornings and one on Tuesday evenings. Everyone can choose which they want to go to, as the content will be identical.


The big reason is that we’re out-growing my living room. So far we haven’t had a night where everyone was able to come, but we usually have about 24 adults and 10 kids. We are, and will be, adding new people, so one meeting was just gonna be too crowded.
The other reason is trickier; I was hesitant to keep our group “one big happy family” for too long. It’s nice knowing and being friends with everyone, but it’s also dangerous. As we launch and add more people, it will become impossible to know and be friends with everyone. And we don’t want people talking about the “good old days” when we could. So we felt like we needed to cut short these good old days, to help make sure the best days are ahead of us.