Never Tire

The other day a bunch of us helped people move. We didn’t know them, but they needed help. As we drove there, I told my son it should take less than an hour to load up their U-Haul, then we could get back home. Then we arrived. And discovered that they hadn’t packed. And that we were also unloading the truck at their new home. And so we loaded then unloaded, then loaded then unloaded, then loaded then unloaded. Three trips. Four and 1/2 hours.

So when I did today’s reading (2 Thessalonians 3) and read verse 13: “And as for you, brothers, never tire of doing what is right” it meant a little more to me than it might of a week ago. Now the moving thing was just one day… put together a lifetime of trying to do what’s right, to serve people, and overcome temptation, and put the interests of others above your own… It’s easy to tire of it.

So how do you not? I’m thinking that it has to do with tapping into God’s power, and maintaining God’s perspective.

But what do you think? And how do you do that?