Norv Being Norv

A lot of people are predicting (just like last year) that the Chargers will win the Super Bowl. But here’s the deal … no team coached by Norv Turner will ever win the Super Bowl. Remember the Charger’s record last year? 8-8.

I’m a Raiders fan, and I’m sitting here watching the Raiders – who stink – dominate the Chargers (even if the scoreboard doesn’t show it), and it’s just exhibit 981 that Norv doesn’t have what it takes to be an effective head coach.

Some of my best friends are Charger fans, so sorry boys, but facts are facts. Seriously, why did the Chargers fire Marty Shottenheimer (lifetime record: 200 – 126) and hire Norv, who at the time had a lifetime record of 58 – 82 – 1?