Oak Leaf

I loved getting to hang out with Michael and Oak Leaf Church this weekend. Here are a few things that really impress me about them:

  • * Oak Leaf probably has as little reason to support Verve as any church, but are supporting us as much as any church.
  • * Michael is easily one of the best pastors I’ve ever seen at creating effective systems. That skill may not get you speaking at huge conferences or on the cover of magazines, but it may be more important than the skills that get you speaking at huge conferences or on the cover of magazines.
  • * I get a sense of humility from everyone, and I think humility may be my favorite character trait, because I think it may be God’s favorite character trait.
  • * Their church band doesn’t sound like a church band! The problem with almost every church band is that they sound like a church band. And if you don’t understand why that’s a problem, invite an honest non-church-going, non-Christian to come to your church and tell you what they think of your church band. And if that’s the person you want to reach, do you really want to turn them off by your style of music, and the look and feel of the band? Don’t you want the cross to the only stumbling block for them?
  • * They’re willing to do things the way they’re not typically done.

Anyway, thanks Oak Leaf, and stay classy.