Did you notice that last week three (THREE!) Offensive Coordinators were fired in the NFL. Less than two weeks before the start of the season! The amount of assistant coaches typically fired just before the season starts? Zero. And isn’t it interesting that they were ALL Offensive Coordinators.

Why? — I think when the first team fired their Offensive Coordinator, it sent shock waves through the league. “You can’t do that! It’s only 2 weeks till the season starts! And Offensive Coordinator is way up there, basically second in command on the team…” Then people started thinking, “Wait, they DID do that. I guess you can do that. … I guess WE could do that. Wait, should we do that?!?” And in the next few days two teams said, “Yes, we should do that” and did it.

Honestly, I think if the first team had fired their Defensive Coordinator, it would probably have been another Defensive Coordinator or two who got fired in the following week.

Why? — Because that first team through doing what “can’t be done” gave permission to other teams that needed to do the same. But it was the first team who had the cajones to do it without permission.

I wonder what it is that you need to do, but feel like you can’t. And if you had “permission” you would do it. Fire someone on your staff? Hire a new position no one has ever heard of? Move to another country to be a missionary? Change the day of your service so it’s not Sunday anymore?

What is it? Well, if God is calling you to do it … you have permission.