R U Ur Thoughts?

Are you your thoughts? Something makes up who you are, so what is it? Is it your thoughts?

I don’t think so. It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that, and if we do, we’ll have the attitude that our thoughts control us. But you are not your thoughts. And you are in control of your thoughts, not the other way around. (And you may not be living that way, even though you can. So realizing this is huge.)

This has everything to do with living with and for God. Our thoughts are critical in it, and so we need to take charge of and control our thoughts. And we see this in today’s reading (Psalm 104). The dude who wrote this commands himself, twice, “Praise the Lord, O my soul.” My guess is he didn’t feel like praising the Lord. Because if he did, why the need to make this command? My guess is that his thoughts just weren’t naturally going to worship and gratitude towards God. But instead of letting himself go where his thoughts wanted, he took charge and commanded his thoughts to do what he knew they should.

What about you? Are your thoughts controlling you, or are you controlling your thoughts? Where have your thoughts been taking you that you know you shouldn’t go? It’s time to take charge and command them to do what you know they should, so they lead you to where you want to go.