Superior? Yeah, He’s That.

Most of you know my story, how I started reading the Bible at age 20, having zero experience with the Bible or in church, and how I became a Christian mostly through studying and examining the Bible and coming to the conclusion it was actually true.

But I have to tell you, the most impressive thing to me during that time was not the evidence, it was Jesus. At first I didn’t know if the stories in the Bible were true, but if they were, I knew I had hit the mother lode when I encountered Jesus. There was, and never would be, anyone like Him. He was perfect and amazing in every way, and (again if it was all true) I wanted to know Him, follow Him, and be as close as possible to Him for the rest of my life.

Which makes me love the way today’s reading (Hebrews 1) gets the book of Hebrews started. Is Jesus really superior to the angels? Ummm, yeah, all of ’em (including Vladimir Guerrero), and everyone and everything else as well.