The Forgotten Chorus!

The Psalms of the Old Testament are songs God’s people used to sing, and that’s really obvious with today’s reading (Psalm 107) as it has this “chorus” that repeats four times:

What’s weird is that that chorus repeats four times in the first 31 lines, and then none in the last 12 lines. I think when the song ended I would have been raising my hand, “Excuse me, worship leader, I’m thinking we should probably sing the chorus of the song one more time. Don’t you? It’s just … well … you kind of forgot about the chorus. … What? Don’t you guys agree? Am I the only one who noticed?”

But, though it may be a forgotten chorus, it’s still a good one. And the bigger issue is that it’s typically forgotten in our lives. I know when bad stuff is happening in my life, I’m quick to pray, “Why God? Help me God!” But when good stuff happens it’s cause I’m awesome, or lucky, or having a great day. I need to be reminded to give thanks to the Lord for His unfailing love, and for His wonderful deeds for me…