The Twitter Mirror

So here’s what I want you to imagine. There’s life on some other planet way out in space. Finally they’re able to monitor us. They want to quickly understand our society. They discover that Twitter is the hot new social media outlet, and determine it will reveal to them what’s important to us. So they find out what are the top 100 most followed Twitter feeds. What would they think of us?!?

And, in case you don’t know, the top 100 most followed Twitter users include: (#1) Ashton Kutcher, (#2) Ellen Degeneris, (#3) Britney Spears, (#8) Shaq, (#16) Miley Cyrus, (#26) Ashley Simpson, (#35) M.C. Hammer, (#37) Sara Bareilles (Who has tweeted, for 1,424,795 to read, “At a casino with my grandpa who gave me a $2 roll of nickels to play with. I’m feeling lucky.”), (#59) Someone named Veronica Belmont, (#70) LeVar Burton (seriously?!?), and (#84) Fred Durst (what year are we in? 1999?).

What am I trying to say? I don’t know, but the aliens will realize something is really messed up in our world, and maybe Twitter is our mirror.