The Week In Brief(s) (9/6/09)

Every Sunday I’m sharing a recap on some of what happened that week. It will be quick (in brief) and I’ll write in my underwear (in briefs). Here ya go:

1. I was in town last weekend (which hasn’t happened much) and we went to Canyon Ridge in North Vegas, where they were doing “Vision Sunday.” I’m really grateful for who they are as a church.

2. At our Launch Team meeting on Sunday night we had three new people! The crazy thing is that we decided from the beginning to not add any new people to our Launch Team until September. So we’ve added about ten people so far … against our will!

3. We have another person on our Launch Team moving away. We’ve only been here for half a year, but we’ve already lost like four people from our Launch Team from people moving away from Vegas.

4. Had my Management Team call on Monday. I’ve got five people who are providing wisdom and guidance for all the major decisions we face. And God has given me a great group!

5. Sad news that one of my Management Team members is going to be transitioning off the team, because of a change in his job. But cool news that we’ve got someone great who will be taking his spot.

6. Worked with our bookkeeper on the very exciting project of changing our chart of accounts. Can’t get enough of that stuff!

7. A guy from the Small Group I led fifteen years ago in Louisville, Kentucky was in town this week and we got to go to breakfast.

8. Went to lunch with the VP for Marketing of Caesar’s Palace. God is providing all kinds of opportunities for us to meet with really helpful people.

9. Met with a local pastor’s group for the second time. Good group of guys.

10. Worked … a lot … on fundraising and on something new we’re going to unveil pretty soon. (You’ll have to wait!) We’re trying to make it possible for us to lease this space we’ve been negotiating. Every time I drive past it my heart beats a little faster. It would be SO amazing as a tool for the unique vision God is forming for what Verve needs to be and do.

11. Did a demographic report for a five mile radius from the spot we’re looking at. Check this: The population of those five miles was 72,000 in 1990. Today it is 230,000! It’s more than tripled in 18 years!! And the projection is that it will be 273,000 by 2013!!! And the number of churches in those fives miles would be shockingly small.

12. Speaking of fundraising, God provided a couple of new financial supporters – churches and individuals. We are sooooooo grateful for people who are sacrificing to make this church for the Strip possible.

13. Flew on Saturday to Atlanta to speak at Oak Leak Church. Very honored and excited for that opportunity, and to get to hang with Michael.


1. Speaking of fundraising (again) please keep praying that we can raise what we’ll need to get into this permanent space, so we can offer multiple services throughout the week, support groups, a food co-op, etc., etc.

2. Please pray for us that we’ll have wisdom to know the right decisions to make, and the courage to make them.

3. Getting closer and closer to starting our Block Parties, which we’re doing to try and connect with neighbors and neighborhoods, and to invite people to join us in starting Verve.