Through the …

Have you ever felt like you just can’t do what God wants? Like you’re not strong enough to say no to temptation? Like you’re not capable or courageous enough to say yes to opportunity? Do you realize that God is fully aware of that, and has made a way for you to live a life for Him?

There was a phrase in today’s reading (Hebrews 9) that jumped out at me: “…Christ, who through the eternal Spirit…” Then we’re told how Jesus was able to not sin so He could be “blameless” and how Jesus was able to offer His life on the cross. (He said no to temptation and yes to opportunity.) But, apparently, He wasn’t able to do it on His own. We’re told that He did it “through the eternal Spirit.”

You can’t do what God wants, you’re not nearly strong, capable, or courageous enough, but you can through the Holy Spirit, who is entirely strong, capable, and courageous enough. And it’s kind of cool for me to think that the same Holy Spirit I get to rely on, Jesus relied on.