What Can I Understand?

Some of us who are starting this church in Vegas, and some who are supporting us, and some who just needed some structure to help them read the Bible daily are going through this Bible reading plan and we’re in Hebrews (today: Hebrews 8).

And (especially if you’re newer to the Bible) Hebrews can be pretty deep and a little confusing. And we should try to understand everything we can, but when you can’t understand everything, sometimes I think you need to look for what you can understand.

Like today: We have, in Jesus, a high priest. We may not know everything that means, but a priest is someone who goes to God for you. So Jesus goes to God for us.

And today: We have a God, and we are His people. We may not know all the implications of that, but we know that having a God and being His people, that’s got to be a good thing!

And one question: Do you know people who don’t have Jesus as their high priest, and don’t have God as their God? Yes, you do. People you work with, live on the same block as, parents of your kid’s friends. I can’t wait to help people on the Vegas Strip to connect to God through Jesus. And I’m psyched about you doing the same!