Yesterday’s Meeting

Thanks for praying for our meeting yesterda. It went GREAT.

It’s looking like we may actually be able to get our own permanent 24/7 lease space! We don’t want it because it will make us “official” as a church, or make it easier to “do” church, or any of the typical reasons church plants want their own space.

We want it because we need it to do the unique version of church we feel God is calling us to for the Vegas Strip. We need it because we’re hoping to offer services throughout the week – someday, maybe one every day of the week – at all different times, because the people who work on the Strip have crazy schedules.

We’re also hoping to offer support groups, and to do a very cool food co-op for our (hurting economically) community.

And just about all of that would be (at least nearly) impossible without our own space. So please pray that this all works out!