3 of 4 (Again)

Earlier today I explained how (and why) we feel we need to lease this amazing space for our church plant here in Vegas, but that means we need to raise an “extra” $150,000 for costs will incur over the first year or so, like having to put in bathrooms, add some walls, buy chairs, etc., etc.

I’ve been fundraising for over a year now and thought I had done everything I can, so how do I raise another $150,00?!? Well, I have four ideas:

  1. Finding some churches that would be willing to give a one-time gift of $5,000 to help make this happen. (Maybe that could be your church?)
  2. Finding a church or two who would be willing to make a larger commitment, and could provide those funds like monthly over a couple years. (Maybe that could be your church?)
  3. Individuals who might be able to write big checks. New tax laws are going into effect and maybe there are some people who need to unload some cash. If we could find a few people who had the means to write a check for say $5,000 or $10,000, that would be huge for us. (Maybe that could be you?)

I’ll tell you the fourth idea later today, and it’s something you can definitely be a part of!