Believing vs. Knowing

Today’s reading (2 Timothy 1) left me with a question. You may want to ask yourself this one too: When it comes to my faith and my Christianity, am I more timid and ashamed, or more marked by power, love, and self-discipline. Those are the two options laid before us. So we might as well take a hard look at ourselves and answer that question honestly.

And, if we realize the answer is probably more timid and ashamed, I think the problem is presented in this chapter as well. Because Paul (the author) shows that he is not timid and says that he is not ashamed, and then explains why: Because he knows the one he believes in.

Have you ever thought about how there’s a big difference between just believing in Jesus and really knowing Him? Believe in Him, and you can still be very timid and even ashamed. Really get to know Him, grow in your actual relationship with Him, develop intimacy with Him … it leads to power, love, and self-discipline.

So when it comes to your faith and Christianity, which one is it? And is it possible your issue is a “knowing” one?