Blasphemy Day

Did you know that yesterday was Blasphemy Day? For some it is and, unfortunately, I’m not joking. You can read all about it on your own, but basically a guy has organized a series of events, exhibits and lectures across a bunch of mostly North American cities, promoting free expression and the criticism of religion and religious faith.

So what should our response be?

Well, I don’t know, and I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts. But I think probably the healthiest and most productive response is rather than blaming those without faith for their organized blasphemy, to find where those of us with faith can be blamed for leading people to be so anti-God. And to figure out what we need to do different to change people’s perceptions of what a faith-led life looks like (and, by association, what God is like).

Actually, I think the best response is guerrilla love. And I wish I knew about the Blasphemy Day events to try and organize guerrilla love ambushes at them. How about we do that for next year’s Blasphemy Day? You in?