Block Parties Yesterday

So yesterday we had two more Block Parties. The first was in a neighborhood that one of our families live in. 60 people showed up, which is ironic because we had 60 come to our morning Block Party in September. Things went great, people seemed very interested in the church, and very appreciative of us throwing a party for them.

The second was in a park, near a neighborhood another of our families live in. It was hard to count because people could come in from any direction, and because there were so many people. We know there were over 100 people. Probably just a little over that number. The cool thing is that people were VERY interested in the church. Tons of great conversations, and about 15 families (probably representing over 40 people) signed up to have me call them with more info.

So … so far four block parties with 60, 46, 60, and let’s say 104 people. That’s 270 people we’ve gotten to serve, hang out with, and tell about Verve. It will be cool if some of them join our Launch Team and help us start Verve, but even if they don’t I am very confident they will be much more likely to come to our first service in February because of being at the Block Parties.

We’re doing another set in November. Wondering if we should try December, January, February, or if it will be too cold. Average temperature is mid-50’s, but it can get down into the upper-30’s.

Thanks to all you who prayed that these parties would go great, we really appreciate you!