Before moving to Vegas, I was at a church in Virginia Beach called Forefront. Forefront is almost 12 years old and has always met in rented, Sunday-morning-only space. And I loved it. And that’s what we planned on doing here.

But then as we learned life on the Vegas Strip, God started giving us a vision to do church on Sunday mornings AND on a weeknight – for people who work weekends. And then, ultimately, to have a service every day of the week, at all kinds of odd times, for people who have all kinds of odd work schedules.

That led us to realize how much we would end up paying in rent, and that it would actually be cheaper to get a permanent 24/7 space. Having that space would also allow us to minister to people in all kinds of other ways. That’s why we’re trying to get this amazing space I’ve been talking about, and why we’re asking you to help us by becoming a Verve Venture Capitalist. Because it will be cheaper per month, but will take more money up front – and that’s why we need your help.

But there’s another reason, and I’ll tell you it next time.