Eat Lightning and Crap Thunder

Remember the original Rocky movie? Remember the lengths Rocky had to go to in preparing for the fight of his life? The medicine ball, the one handed push-ups, the sparring with meat? And remember how there were times when Mick, the old crusty trainer, had to inspire Rocky to keep him going? Remember, “Rock, ya gonna eat lightning and crap thunder”?

That’s today’s reading (1 Timothy 4). The role of old crusty inspiring trainer is played by the author, Paul. The part of Rocky by the recipient, Timothy, who had decided to follow Jesus, which meant he was in for the fight of his life. And the same is true for you and me. And you can’t engage in that battle without training. There are people who will tell you to “Let go and let God,” and to “Relax in Jesus” and there is some truth in that, but there also can be some lie in that. We also have to train ourselves to be godly. We have to labor and strive. We need to be diligent and we need to persevere. And if we do, if we eat lightning, we will crap thunder.