Finding Delight

A lot of good stuff in today’s reading (Psalm 112, 113, & 114), but I really love the line that talks about ‘finding great delight in God’s commands.’ When I first considered becoming a Christian, God’s commands were on the negative side of the pros vs. cons list. I didn’t want to be tied down with a bunch of rules designed to take the fun out of life, but I decided to follow Jesus anyway, because I knew it was all true and because He loved me unconditionally and gave His life for me.

I soon found out I had it wrong. I learned, through experience, that God’s commands are not burdensome, but instead give life. That they’re not restricting, but instead give freedom.

I bet if you took an honest look back on your life, you’d see you’ve never really lost any freedom by obeying God’s commands, and that when you used your freedom to disobey God’s commands, that’s what really led to you losing freedom.

So what about right now? Where are you not obeying, or being tempted to not obey, God’s commands? You can go in that direction and lose freedom, or you can realize your mistake before you make it, avoid the consequences, and delight in God’s commands.