Free At Last

If you did today’s reading (Psalm 119), congratulations, you just read the longest chapter of the Bible. And it’s a chapter that saved me back in 1990. In chapter 16 of my book, I tell of a time just after I started following Jesus that I went through a bad experience, felt let down by God, and became pretty depressed. Then you’ll read, “It wasn’t long before my disappointment dissipated.”

What I don’t explain is HOW my disappointment dissipated, and the HOW is … Psalm 119. It’s hard to describe. I was depressed, I didn’t feel like reading the Bible, but I forced myself to do it anyway. What I read was Psalm 119. And something in it exploded in my brain. I realized, “I can’t let my life be dictated by its circumstances. I can’t find my joy in what happens day to day. I have a God, who loves me, and who has revealed Himself to me, and who speaks to me, and if that’s not enough for me I have a serious problem, and will continue to have serious problems for the rest of my days.” And it was like I had just broke free from a prison cell.