Frequently Bought Together

I looked yesterday at my first book on Amazon for the first time in forever (not just to look, I had a reason) and I noticed that in the “Frequently Bought Together” spot (where they match a book up with another book that people often purchase at the same time, and give you a discount if you buy both books together) my book is paired up with Crazy Love, by Francis Chan.

I am a huge fan of Francis Chan, and of that book, so … coolness.

And, ironically, I was asked to speak at the 2010 Northwest Ministry Conference the day before, and the guy who called me compared me to Francis Chan (who was the main speaker at the 2009 conference), which is a comparison I’ve never heard, and never expected to. So … coolness.

But it’s all left me with some questions:

  1. If our books are frequently bought together, how come his book has sold tens of thousands of copies more than mine?
  2. If this trend continues, will I get introduced at conferences with, “So, let me tell you about our next speaker. Well … basically, we couldn’t get Francis Chan, but here is … Vince Antonucci!”
  3. If I work really hard and keep improving with speaking and writing, is there any chance that someday Francis Chan will be referred to as “the Korean Vince Antonucci”?
  4. And, if we have these similarities, how come I haven’t heard from Francis? C’mon dude, a dinner invitation would be nice! That’s all I’m asking…