Grace, Yeah It Actually Is Amazing

I want to place my vote. My vote for least deserving person to receive something special from Jesus. My vote is the dude in today’s reading (John 5). Maybe he’s not the LEAST deserving, but he’s definitely not deserving. Why? Well…

  • Was he a whiner? Yes.
  • Did he believe in Jesus? No.
  • Did he ask for help? No.
  • When Jesus asked him if he wanted help, did he say yes? No.
  • Did he later tell on Jesus to people who were out to get Him? Yes.

Read the story, he’s just a very unlikeable guy. And he didn’t deserve anything from Jesus, but Jesus heals him and sets him free from what had kept him a prisoner for so long. And that’s the radical, life-changing grace of Jesus.

Actually, I think I have a better vote, because I’m pretty sure I’m even less deserving than that guy, but Jesus treated me with grace too. And it changed everything for me. What about you?