Gratitude and Worship and Idols, Oh My!

I like today’s reading (Psalm 115 & 116) because it’s all about gratitude and worship. Think about all God has done for you, and then spend your life praising Him. Most of us probably spend more time thinking about what God isn’t doing for us, and complaining about it. But we need to be grateful, and worship.

The ironic thing is that we will worship and praise something. It’s just who we are, how we were designed. So people are described, in verses 4-8 of Psalm 115, who make their own gods to worship, who form idols out of silver or gold so they have something to praise. And that sounds nuts to us, but we do it too. We don’t make our idols to worship out of silver and gold, we make them out of celebrities, and our jobs, and our bodies, and other people’s bodies, and sports, and money, and experiences, and possessions. If you missed it, I thought Mark Driscoll did a good job of explaining this on Nightline this week.

So we were created to be grateful towards and worship God, but many complain about God and find something else to worship. Crazy? Yes. But that’s the wrong question. The right question is: Does that describe me?