In Money We Trust

One of the wild things about the Bible is how often it talks about money. Over and over, it’s about money. Today’s reading (1 Timothy 6) is obviously no exception. We’re warned of the dangers of wanting to get rich, told that loving money leads to evil, and that being eager for money tends to lead people away from faith in God. We’re commanded to put our hope in God, not money, and to be generous in giving away our money.

When people hear talks about money from their own pastor there can be questions in the back of their mind, “Is he saying this because the church needs money? Is he focusing on this because it helps his salary?”

Well, I’m not your pastor, so let me give it to you straight, and you don’t have to wonder about my motives:

  • If you live in America, you are rich. If you’re living in poverty in America, you are wealthy on the global scale, and that’s what God sees. If you live in America, you are rich.
  • If you live in America, whether you realize it or not, one of your greatest temptations is wanting to be rich, loving money, and putting your hope in wealth.
  • In the Old Testament we’re told to give a bare minimum of 10% of our income. In the New Testament we’re commanded to give generously. There’s no way that God views less than 10% as generous.
  • If you live in America, and are therefore rich, giving only 10% just seems really greedy. Honestly, doesn’t it? So give 10% (or more) to your church, but then find some other things to give to, to help those who have less than you.