Kids Are People Too

Last year, when I realized we were really going to leave our church and friends in Virginia Beach, to start a new church in Vegas, I felt kind of sick. I didn’t want to leave, and planting a church is so ridiculously difficult. So I started praying that God would give me a different perspective and a great attitude.

And the big thing God led me to was … my kids get to start a church. They weren’t born when we planted Forefront in Virginia Beach, and I realized it would be cool for them to have the experience. For them to be able to look back on their lives someday and say, “I was part of starting a church for Jesus. Lives have been changed there, and will continue to be long after I’m gone, and I was a part of it.

So guess what? I was more than right. My kids are totally into this. they are constantly asking questions, “What will the Children’s Ministry look like? Where can I volunteer? When are we doing another block party? Are we going to do radio ads?”

And guess what? That is so fun, so rewarding, and really, throw that on a scale versus all the sadness of having to leave our church and friends in Virginia Beach, it makes it all worth it.