Learning & Praying

Today we’re meeting with the General Manager of a Hotel & Casino that is just off the Strip. Like, literally just off it.

Just about all the casinos on the Strip are owned by a couple of huge corporations. There are two who own about ten casinos each. The one’s that are individually owned are called “one off” casinos. And what we’re learning is that it is WAY easier to get a yes from a one off. We’ve proposed ways to serve the employees of the huge conglomerate casinos and been told that our ideas are fantastic, but that they’ll never get through the unions and red tape. Sorry….

So, though we haven’t given up on the big boys, we are focusing our attention more on the individually owned casinos. And we’re praying that we can establish a great reputation through working with those who’s doors are more open to us right now, and that it will open doors for us with those who have closed their doors to us right now.